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Here at Aspire Dance CNY, we are eternally grateful to Linda Bell, owner of The Dance Studio CNY for the past 38 years. She created a place for generations of dancers and their families to learn and grow and most importantly to fall in love with dance. She is leaving us a legacy of positivity and love that we will strive to honor in all we do.


As we embark on our new adventure as owners of Aspire Dance CNY, formerly The Dance Studio CNY, we are committed to providing a warm, welcoming and organized studio for the next generation of dancers to call home. We promise to focus on providing quality dance education, age appropriate instruction, and performances that delight our audiences. We are devoted to professionalism and excellence in our classes, faculty, annual performances, and business practices and are excited to share our mutual love of the art of dance with you, your children, and our community.


We are so grateful that you are here with us at this exciting time and we hope to call you our Dance Family for years to come.

Sarah & Kathryn

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