Private Lessons

Private lessons will be scheduled based on a teacher’s availability. Cancellations of a private should be done 48 hours in advance for the teacher to re-schedule a make-up lesson. Any lessons cancelled the day of, or any no show lessons are a missed class and there will be no make-up or credits to the account. All material covered at the lesson should be reviewed at home and practiced.


Any dancers interested in a solo or duet/trio should fill out the google form sheet to request style of dance and specified teacher. 

Please fill out your first and second choice teacher/choreographer. We will try to accommodate everyone with the requested teacher and their availability, but we can not promise each dancer will get the requested teacher so please fill out a second choice. 

All competing solos or duets/trios must be in a competing group number. 

Any private lessons will be scheduled around the teacher’s availability, and it is important to communicate with the teacher. 

Any teacher has the right to deny a song request at their discretion. 

Dancers should work along with the teacher in finding the appropriate song for their level and dance style. 

Dancer’s must cancel 48 hours before the scheduled private to schedule a make-up. 

There will be no refunds for no shows or last-minute cancelations. 

Teachers will always do their best to try and make-up a lesson.