Company and Performance Team Hourly Prices

Company/Performance Team Tuition is determined at an hourly rate and divided into 9 monthly payments from September to May. Please email us for more information.

Annual Company and Performance Team Fee
includes yearly lessons, recital t-shirt, company/team t-shirt, recital DVD, recital award medal, annual recital, rental costumes, and ballet costume to keep. 

ALL Company Families need to have a valid card on file in jackrabbit in order to register for classes. 

If a family wishes to pay with check or cash, it must be dropped off at the front desk before the 5th of each month when payments are processed. 

Competition fees will be posted 60 days before each competition and processed 30 days later. We hope this gives everyone enough time to pay fees without being caught unaware.

Again, families can pay in cash or check before the 30 days. If fees are not paid on time dancers will not be able to compete at the competition.