Junior Program

Our Juniors Program age from 6.5 to 12 years and grow through combination classes and progression through the variety of styles.


Ballet is the fundamental core of dance that teaches grace, balance, discipline, strength, flexibility, and technique. In the advanced ballet class dancers continue their training and growth of the technique in barre, across the floor and center.  Ballet supports different dance styles like jazz, modern and hip hop and is the foundation of dance technique.


Contemporary dance connects the mind and body through fluid movements combining techniques from modern and ballet. This class will teach students to use emotion through movements, technique skills in center and across the floor, and choreographed combinations.  Dancers will learn how to fill and feel the music with movement and grasp the style from this class, all levels included!


Tap is a fast-paced rhythmic dance style that uses feet as your instrument.  Tap teaches beat, timing, rhythmic patterns, and steps with terminology.  Dancers will learn various combinations and skills, all levels included.

Jazz is an energetic, high paced class that focuses on strength, flexibility, and technique. This 45 minute class will teach the fundamental skills of jazz in a high energy setting. Students will learn jumps, leaps and turns along with combinations and routines across the floor and center!!

Hip hop is an upbeat, energetic dance style that uses jazz skills, counting the beat, rhythm, footwork, and break dancing to popular music! In this class dancers will learn hip hop technique focusing on fun, energetic combinations in center and across the floor, stylized hip hop drills, break dancing moves and jazz funk!  Your dancer will gain confidence, strength and coordination, all levels included!

Tumbling Intermediate/Advanced:
Tumbling is a class that teaches tricks and acrobatic skills increasing strength, flexibility, and coordination. The class will be divided into two groups based on skill level. Tumbling and tricks will incorporate strengthening and flexibility exercises, acrobatic mat skills, dance technique tricks including floor work and partnering moves. Your dancer will learn the fun of tumbling in this high energetic, paced class!  

In this 1-hour class we combine hip hop and tumbling for boys to learn rhythm and tricks! Hip Hop is an upbeat, energetic dance style that uses jazz skills, counting the beat, rhythm, footwork, and break dancing to popular music! Tumbling incorporates acrobatic tricks and skills for strength, coordination, and flexibility! This class is a fun and high energy confidence booster that keeps your dancer moving and learning new dance technique, all levels included!