Aspire Dance CNY

A Taste of our Nutcracker

Fayetteville Manlius nutcracker ballet school

Just a little taste of what quite literally consumed my entire existence September through December 😂💗🩰

I feel like there was so much to share all along the way, but there was barely time to sleep…perhaps someday I’ll write a memoir, lol, but for now this picture (and the many that we will share on our Facebook page, now that we have them to share) represents beautifully the joy, the artistry, the effort, the passion, and the love of dance that we were able to wrap up into two Nutcracker performances that quite literally took our breath away this past December. I can’t thank my business partner Sarah Lavallee enough for standing behind every crazy thing that I added to our already overflowing plate.

There are so many to thank; our Aspire Dance Company, our dance families, my amazing husband (who took the stage along-side me as Clara’s father), our teachers and staff, my amazing children who ALL played a role in the show, Kristin Palazzoli who spent countless hours allowing me to obsess about costumes and then lovingly and patiently created them, Heather Pilz who created our amazing programs and designed our tshirts and posters…the list quite literally goes on and on…and on and on…If I’ve ignored you this fall (and into the winter because I’m still recovering 🙈) just know it’s not you…it’s the dance studio 😍)